Whether you are a grade A student or an F 9 student,  I can still help you to boost up your marks just before your final exams.

You can ask me questions related to Physics or Chemistry or E maths or A maths and i can answer any type of questions related to these subjects.

When I  arrive for the first tuition lesson,

You should  bring out all the questions and tests and exams that you had before  and clear up whatever questions and doubts that you have.

When I look at the mistakes that you had made  before in your previous tests and exams , I will be able to know immediately where your weakness

and problems are , and hence ,I will be able to know where to focus on, and I will be able to very quickly boost up your marks within a short time.

I will also bring along with me a huge number of all types of questions to go through with you before your exams.

I will be able to teach you the proper way to answer the questions so that you can obtain the highest possible mark.

If you want to be able to cover as many questions or topics as possible, then it is better to have more lessons per week especially if your exam is already very close.

I will be able to go through with you, almost every type of possible questions that could be given in the exams ,provided that you give me enough time to go through with you whatever we need to go through,before the exams.

You will discover that even apparently difficult questions and topics are not so difficult after all,if you have my guidance and advice.

You will discover that getting a vast improvement in grades is not as difficult as you would expect,provided you have the right tutor that can get the job done properly.

It is possible to improve from marks below 20 marks to a final mark of above 80 marks,within 4 months ,provided that you give me enough time.

A good tutor who is able to provide very good clear explainations can make a huge difference in the final grades of the student.

To start your tuition and see for yourself the dramatic improvement in your grades,  please just call or message me at

9 66 76 341   

without futhur delay.
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