Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you  suddenly have some questions to ask in subjects like physics or chemistry or A maths or E maths but you have nobody to ask..??

Now you have a solution.

You can ask me any questions regarding the above subjects provided the questions are within either the Singapore cambridge O level or A level syllabus.

The charge will be Singapore $0.82 per minute  for O levels or lower standards.............and Singapore $1.00 per minute for A level standard questions.

To confirm the tuition online you need to first me any amount but the minimum amount is Singapore $30.

You can make payments to my Singapore POSB bank account number

under the name of    TEO AH CHWEE

or if you prefer to pay by paypal or credit card you may do so  by clicking this button below.

After payment please email the payment receipt to
me at
After you have  made the payments,you can ask me any questions related to physics or chemistry or E maths or A maths by emailing me at

and asking me whatever questions you have or you can also write the questions on a paper especially if there are drawings and then scan and email me the questions.

I will then spend some time answering the questions and then emailing you back my detailed full explainations and the time that I spent answering your questions will be counted as time spent for the online tuition .

Since I have been teaching for more than 20 years so you can expect that i will be able to answer your questions within a short time so that means value for money for you because you will be paying for a shorter time .

For example a fresh green inexperienced tutor might take 30 minutes to finish working out 1 challenging question while I might take only 3 minutes so although my cost per minute  is a bit higher but when you consider my effectiveness,you actually end up paying much much less and you waste less of your own precious time and you learn more within a shorter time and you also end up paying less and getting higher grades within a shorter time and you also get a much more deeper and detailed understanding of the topic or question.

You do not need to be in Singaporre in order to be my student for online tuition.

You can be anywhere in the world .

I work 24 hours a day ,365 days a year,even on public holidays so

You can ask me questions anytime 24 hours a day and I will answer your questions as soon as I am available so that means that I might answer your questions as soon as 5 minutes or as late as 24 hours later depending on my availability .

All fees paid are not refundable and can only be used up by having online tuition.

If a student make a payment but does not have any lessons for  6 months or longer then the fees paid will expire after that 6 months period is up.
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